Sommer Asay, M.S., CCC-SLP is the owner and primary speech-language pathologist at Salisbury Speech Therapy. Infants through young adults are offered speech-language intervention that is planned for the specific needs of the client and delivered in a manner that is compassionate, respectful, and encourages confidence. The outcome for every speech therapy treatment plan is to optimize your child’s potential for communicative success!

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Are you concerned about your child's speech and language development?

Difficulty Socializing

Does your child have difficulty socializing and playing with other children?

Words & Gestures

Are you concerned about your toddler's limited use of words or gestures?

Kindergarten Readiness

Is your child having issues with kindergarten readiness skills, pre-literacy skills or letter/sound recognition?

Difficulty Understanding

Is it difficult to understand your child’s speech?

Developmental Milestones

Is your child meeting developmental milestones for their age?