Getting Started

How am I able to receive private speech therapy?

Infants and toddlers receive speech therapy when they need assistance in developing verbal communication.Preschool children may require help communicating wants and needs or understanding language concepts.

School aged children may go to speech therapy to correct articulation, phonological, or motor planning errors, to improve receptive and expressive language skills, learn to control stuttering, or improve social skills.

Some adults seek the resources of a speech therapist to help with stuttering, cognitive rehabilitation, or executive functioning.

• Visit your doctor to discuss your concerns.

• If an evaluation is necessary, get a referral order for speech therapy with a basic diagnosis from your doctor.

• Your doctor may fax us the referral or give it directly to you.

• Contact your insurance company to inquire about specific coverage for speech-language evaluation and therapy.

• Every plan is unique; understand coverage to avoid surprises!

We Accept all Maryland Medicaid Insurance.

• If you do not have MD Medicaid, it is wise to contact your insurance company to inquire about specific coverage for speech-language services.

Questions to ask your insurance provider:

  • 1. Does our policy cover out-of-networkspeech therapy services?
  • 2. What conditions will insurance specifically cover?
  • 3. What ICD-10 (diagnosis) codes and CPT (treatment) codes are covered for reimbursement?
  • 4. Do I need to obtain a referral for therapy services?
  • 5. Do I need to obtain pre-authorization for therapy services?
  • 6. Do I need a formal evaluation for therapy services to be covered?
  • 7. How many sessions will insurance cover per year?
  • 8. Is there a time limit for services?
  • 9. Do I have a deductible or co-pay?
  • 10. Do I need to schedule all visits by a certain date?
  • 11. How do I get reimbursed for out-of-pocket therapy expenses?
  • 12. What documentation is required for coverage?

Cost Break-down

  • • Consultation (30 min session) = Free
  • • Articulation Evaluation including report (1 hour session) = $150
  • • Language Evaluation including report (2 hour session) = $300
  • • 30 minute Treatment session = $70
  • • 1 hour Treatment session = $120
  • • 4 Hour Treatment Package = $450
  • • 10 Hour Treatment Package = $1000

Fees are collected prior to services being rendered (packages are fully paid in advance). Superbills are provided for independent insurance reimbursement.

Contact us with any questions!