Salisbury Speech Therapy Reviews

After spending countless hours, days, and years with different speech therapists, we found Sommer Rohman of Salisbury Speech Therapy, when our son was 8. We have been told by previous speech therapists things like, “your son won’t speak, move your family near a deaf school” and “Carson has no receptive language and will most likely never speak”, “don’t give him anything until he uses his words, he will eventually have to eat”. Our genetic specialist suggested that only PROMPT style therapy would work. Having never heard of PROMPT, we went on a mission, assuming the likelihood of finding a certified therapist in our area would be impossible, and we found Sommer in our backyard. After her first session with Carson, she replied, “he will talk”. 5 years later, Carson is using his words to participate in speech therapy with her every week. He puts sentences together and is blending words when speaking and reading. We are blessed as a family to have found her and we are blessed as a community to have her services.

Pam, Steve and Carson Green

While we are Boston residents, we typically live in ocean city over the summer months. This year, we were hesitant to make the move because our son was in speech therapy at home and we didn’t want to interrupt or slow his progress. After much research, we found Sommer, and I have to say I wish I could take her back to Boston with us! We saw incredible progress over the short summer. She uses prompts, which I had never seen done before, that produce amazing results. In fact, I’m desperately hoping to find a new therapist in Boston who has the same prompt training. She’s also wonderful with children. She is lively and fun and knows when to push the child vs when to let him expel his sillies before refocusing. She does a great job of keeping a kid’s attention. Our son is only 2.5 and goes for an hour. Anyone who is able to keep a 2.5 year olds attention for an hour is remarkable in my opinion. She also gives a lot of homework and has the parent work with the child each lesson so the parent knows how to reinforce the lessons between visits. I would highly recommend Sommer.

Ashley Houston Anderson

Sommer is a devoted, creative individual, who helped our son immensely! He saw her weekly for ten months, and met every one of his goals. I highly recommend her services!

Lindsey Stewart Fascetta

Both my children (3yrs and 2yrs) have received speech therapy with Brooke. It’s been an absolute blessing to watch my 3 year old girl go from being non-verbal to quite the chatter box now. Brooke is currently working with my son to hopefully follow in the same footsteps. We have really made it a home here.

- Jayme DV

My family and I absolutely love Salisbury Speech Therapy. Mrs. Kristie St. Pierre is amazing. She is beyond kind, sweet, considerate, and patient. Not to mention, stylish! My daughter became her patient at the end of 2022 after a not-so-great experience with another speech therapist (not in the area). Mrs. Kristie reviewed her initial evaluation and quickly came up with a plan that would help my daughter get on track. My daughter has grown tremendously since then and has also been reevaluated. She is now on track, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Mrs. Kristie for all of her help. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to give their children an extra boost of confidence, knowledge, and skill to help them grow in their speech journey.

Briana Gibbs