How am I able to receive private speech therapy?

  • Visit your doctor and discuss your concerns
  • If he or she feels an evaluation is necessary, get an order for speech therapy with a basic diagnosis from your doctor.
  • Contact your insurance company to inquire about specific coverage for speech
    • Every plan is different
    • Understand coverage to avoid surprises!

Infants and toddlers receive speech therapy if they need assistance in developing verbal communication. Preschool children may require help with communicating wants and needs.

School aged children go to speech therapy to correct articulation errores or to improve receptive and expressice language skills, learn to control stuttering, or improve social skills.

We accept all Maryland Medicaid Insurance. Pricing for private insurance is as follows:

  • Consultation (30 min session) = Free
  • Evaluation (if needed) including report ( 2 hours sessions) = $300
  • Treatment once a week (30 min session) = $70
  • Treatment twice a week ( 2- 30 min sessions) = $120 ($60 each)
  • Treatment 4 Hour Package Deal (8-30min sessions) = $440
  • Treatment 10 Hour Package Deal (20-30 min sessions) $1000

*****All Fees must be paid upfront and you will be provided with an invoice to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Treatment Expectations:

Any therapy session should have an evaluation to see if they will benefit from therapy. Evaluations can take 1-2 hours depending on what testing is needed. Once finding the specifics of treatment needed, treatment sessions are usually 30 minutes long either once or twice a week. During the session the therapist will work with the child with a program of activities that is designed to improve the targeted areas of speech, language, voice, cognition, and/or fluency. The length of time in therapy depends on the individual’s needs and the frequency of service.

“Great with Children”

“Very clean and nice office”

“Would recommend to any parent needing the help”

“Heard great things already, when I called, and I am glad I did.”

“Love the staff, they do amazing things”

“Helped my child so much, thank you”

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